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Environmental Education / Projects

Regional Environmental Education Centre at the NNA

Regional Environmental Education Centre at the NNA

Children and nature belong together – to be outside, play together, test oneself and thereby discover the surroundings. Using versatile methods we support the children’s joy of discovery, develop knowledge about nature and strengthen social and creative skills for sustainable development. mehr


BalkaNatureNet (BNN) – Expert network launches its website

BNN is a transnational professional expert network in the fields of nature conservation and education for sustainable development (ESD) for experts in the Balkan region and adjacent countries. mehr

Besucherzentrum Dom-Trenta im Trivlav-Nationalpark in Slowenien

Transnational Cooperation for Sustainable Nature Conservation – Selected Balkan States on their Way to Europe

„NatuRegio_Balkans - Trainees for Nature“ a project at the Alfred Toepfer Academy for Nature Conservation (NNA) in the tracks of previous NatuRegio experiences offers a vocational training programme for young professionals working in nature conservation in selected Balkans States. mehr

Danube river

Nature Conservation in Floodplains of Danube River Basin

This project offers 24 trainee positions in Germany during a two year period (3x8 trainees) to young professionals who are working related to Floodplain-, Wetland-, Aquatic Ecosystems, Protected Areas Management and Regional Development in the Central and Lower Danube River Basin. mehr

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