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Regional Environmental Education Centre at the NNA

versatile offers for kindergartens and schools

A Regional Environmental Education Centre is an out-of-school environmental education site where children, teenagers and adults can experience environment and nature in an interdisciplinary, result-oriented and action-oriented way. In addition, the offer is orientated to the objectives of “Education for Sustainable Development” (ESD).

The Education Ministry of Lower Saxony supports the Centres with delegated teachers, regular continuing education events and offers for experience exchange. Since 1992 the Alfred Toepfer Academy for Nature Conservation (NNA) has been one of the 29 Regional Education Centres approved by the state of Lower Saxony.

The Regional Environmental Education Centre at the NNA is financially supported by the town of Schneverdingen, the Lions Club Schneverdingen, the Erika Hauke Foundation, the Distract Savings Bank (Kreissparkasse) Soltau and the Friends of the Academy. They make our versatile events possible. Many thanks to our supporters for this commitment!

Programme for kindergartens and schools

We offer experience-orientated encounters with and in our natural environment for kindergarten groups, classes from every type of school, as well as child and teenager groups. Depending the on the age and knowledge of the children, this happens in a more playful or a more technical way.

Age 3-7
In our opinion, children and nature simply belong together – to be outside, play together, test oneself and thereby discover the surroundings. We accompany and support children while they independently discover nature and the knowledge about it. Using versatile methods we offer children a wide range of holistic experiences.

Our events for the age 3-7:

  • arouse curiosity about the world
  • offer the adventure of learning
  • make them aware of the beauty and diversity of nature
  • appeal to all the child’s senses
  • support community experience

Age 8-12
Nature offers an incredible richness of stimulation for children. We catch a small part of it with our offer. Using versatile methods, we accompany and support children while they independently discover nature and the knowledge about it.

Our events for the age 8-12:

  • arouse and support the joy of discovery
  • appeal to various abilities and skills
  • develop knowledge about our surroundings
  • strengthen social and creative skills
  • let children see themselves as part and co-designer of nature and
  • create connections when gaining knowledge

Age 13-18
Acquiring values, knowledge and skills are important in terms of education for sustainable development. They are particularly noticeable in our programme for the age 13-18. We offer open-ended projects of variable extent, which mainly deal with the future, with environment and nature conservation, but also with social issues. The focus is on acquiring skills to be able to design the future by oneself.

Our events for teenagers:

  • inspire them to take action on nature conservation and environmental protection
  • strengthen personal initiative
  • create responsibility
  • support creativity
  • support collectively developed projects

Continuing education events
We offer customized continuing education events and workshops for teachers, educators, environmental educators, project groups and other interested people. Information on fees for continuing education can be obtained on request.

Regional Environmental Education Centre
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