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The NNA offers a wide range of events on various topics from nature conservation, environmental protection and education for sustainable development. The offer applies mainly to professionals but also to students of relevant subjects and the interested public. The spectrum includes international symposia, countrywide continuing education events and natural history excursions in the close vicinity of the Academy.

Our objectives are to impart up-to-date expert knowledge, encourage in-depth discussions and make people aware of the diversity, uniqueness and beauty of their natural environment.

For example, we offer seminars and conferences about species and biotope protection issues, legislation, law and enforcement, as well as land use and regional development. Furthermore, you can improve your communicative and methodical skills here.

Most of the events are hold in German. Those in English language are separately shown on this website.
If you have special needs for events in English or if you want to co-operate with us and/or want to use our modern facilities for courses and conferences please conact us.
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