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Research at the NNA

Since its foundation in 1981 the Academy has done “research for nature conservation”.

However, the focus of the NNA activities is not on basic research, but on the field of practice-orientate, applied research and its coordination for certain practical issues of nature conservation with correspondent interdisciplinary approaches.

This kind of nature conservation research is particularly essential for the derivation and definition of action guidelines and aims of practical nature conservation work. The reason for is that with this, justifications and decisions concerning nature conservation can be reasoned in a scientifically qualified and comprehensible way and that they also can be evaluated (e.g. regarding the use and the suitability of certain maintenance and development measures). The NNA sets a high value on practical configuration of research topics when implementing such research approaches and aims at results which preferably can be put directly into nature conservation practice. Thereby the integration of different research disciplines is an important focus of NNA activity.

The NNA implements, supervises and supports nature conservation relevant, applied research approaches concerning practical, interdisciplinary action approaches of nature conservation and environmental protection with the acquisition of third-party funds as well as in cooperation with Lower Saxony universities and universities of applied sciences. The NNA also coordinates research activities in the Lüneburg Heath Nature Conservation Area and corresponding long-term investigations on the basis of an exemption from regulation and an exemption certificate concerning species protection law for the Lüneburg Heath Nature Conservation Area. The supervision of student work plays a particular role in this context.

Not only does the NNA encourage such research tasks, it also makes results accessible for others. In its “NNA-Berichte” (NNA Reports) series (since 1988) as well as contributions and results from seminars and conferences of the Academy, scientific reports and research results are also prepared in a way that they are similarly important for the practical nature conservation work as well as nature conservation related science. The “Mitteilungen aus der NNA” (Information from the NNA) series (since 1990) presents others topics from NNA projects and research projects for practical nature conservation work in a short and informative form.

Apart from the publication of research results, another significant aspect of this work is the documentation and archiving of relevant environmental protection and nature conservation information as well as corresponding publications. Thus, the specialised library of the NNA contains books, journals and series relevant for environmental protection and nature conservation, as well as numerous dissertations and student’s final papers. Furthermore, the specialised library in the NNA archive contains historically relevant data on nature conservation in Lower Saxony and the Lüneburg Heath Nature Conservation Area. An online search system allows users to also have access to this knowledge via the NNA website.

Last but not least, these research results are of course also included in expert seminars and conferences of the NNA. So the resulting research experiences can be further disseminated.
Western Marsh Orchid (Dactylorhiza majalis)

Wild Orchid (Dactylorhiza majalis)

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